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Power Packs

Electro-Hydro-Pneumatic Power Pack
Model PS446-04


An electro-hydro-pneumatic power supply for Military Applications, for the operation/actuation of powerful systems such as: heavy mechanisms, armored doors/hatches, heavy covers, etc.

The Power Pack is an independent “stand-by” energy source. This means that in normal mode, accumulated energy is stored in a hydro-pneumatic accumulator, and, at command, a significant amount of energy is released during a pre-set period of time.

The Power Pack has a unique reservoir design, allowing installation and operation in a variety of inclinations.

The Power Pack complies with the entire range of mineral and synthetic hydraulic fluids. Download brochure.

Available for custom specifications.



Operating Voltage 18÷32 VDC
Operating Current (max) 12 Amp
Electrical Connector MIL-C-38999-20WC13-35PN
Flow (max) 0.4 LPM
Pressure (max) 180 bar
Reservoir Capacity 300 cc
Hydraulic Fluid MIL-PRF-46170, MIL-H-5606
Others - per request
Output Ports G1/8”, 7/16” JIC
Per request Larger capacities available
Dimensions 310 mm L x 305 mm W x 110 mm H
Weight 15 kg