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Dip Coater
Dip Coater

IDCoater - Semi-Automatic Dip Coater-Dryer

The IDCoater, IDC's Semi-Automatic Dip Coater, is a high performance and cost-effective applicator for primary liquid Photo Resist. Its small footprint makes it ideal for work in the yellow room. The IDCoater is self-contained, including resist coating and drying, all done automatically in a class 1000 internal environment. Manual load and unload subsystems are designed for convenient operation. Download brochure.


State of the Art Coating Solution

The IDCoater is the obvious choice for state ofthe art liquid photoresist coating of rigid andflex panels for fine lines.

Cleanliness and Coating-Consistency

IDC's compact dip coater-dryer features a fully automatic internal processing designed to coat up to 120 panels (22”x28”) per hour in a self-contained environment that ensures a class 1000 level of cleanliness or more. While easy to operate, the IDCoater accomplishes a uniquely high standard of uniformity and consistency of the coating managed by a variable parameter control. A proprietary circulation and filtering system enables the achievement of superior levels of cleanliness.


The IDCoater has been optimized for a variety of photo-resist liquids available on the market, based on its enhanched control capabilities over physical parameters such as: dryer temp.; resist heating and cooling; viscosity metering and solvent supplementing; dipping velocity; deep filtration, etc.

Easy Operation

The IDCoater's small footprint and simple batch-mode operation enable easy integration in the product line. The vertical load and unload subsystems are designed for convenient, safe and efficient panel handling.

Competitive Edge

The IDCoater's unique integrated coating and drying design delivers high throughput at low cost, making it one of the most cost-effective liquid resist coaters on the market.

OUTPUT Tack dry resist-coated panel ready for lithography
THROUGHPUT Up to 120 panels per hour, depending on resist characteristics

Min 2 mils (50 microns), excluding copper
Max 30 mils (750 microns), excluding copper

PANEL SIZE Minimum panel size 10”x 14” (254 x 356mm)
Maximum panel size 22”x 28” (559 x 711mm)
PANEL HANDLING Manual load/unload, automatic internal processing
CLEANLINESS Class 1000, internal
ENVIROMENT Operating temperature range 69-79°F (20-26ºC)
Operating relative humidity range 40-60 %
Environment level class 10,000 or better
PHYSICAL DIMENSIONS Width: 95” / 2440mm
Depth: 74” / 1880mm
Height: 88” / 2235mm
CERTIFICATIONS Explosion proof; CE approved