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A unique combination of R&D, design and serial production under the control of the development team and the project management assures high functionality with short time to market and optimum results.


Naval Pedestal

Naval Pedestal

(Owned by RAFAEL - Armament Development Autohority)

A remotely-controlled pedestal for non-deck-penetrating use - designed for a decoy system launcher.

Training simulator for tank

Maintenance Trainer for Tank Technicians (M60A3/M48)
Maintenance Trainer for Tank Technicians (M60A3/M48)

Maintenance Trainer for Tank Technicians (M60A3/M48)

The trainer is built on a platform incorporating all the original elements and systems of the tank turret. It possesses the capability of performing all the tank maneuvers from a static position. The trainer is intended for instruction and training of maintenance and technical personnel, providing fault simulation and tangible symptoms of failure (approx. 200 different mechanical, hydraulic, electric and electronic problems).

The guiding principles of the system are ease of operation accompanied by continuous guidance. The instructor controls the activation & elimination of faults during the course of the exercise. The trainer supplies data collection and displays by various cross-sections at the end of the exercise, to provide operational evaluations and recommendations for each trainee.

Utilizing experience gained over a period of years, the instruction programs have been developed specifically for the training of soldiers using these systems.


Merkava Mk4

Machinegun Stand for Merka

Machine gun stand