IDC - Multi-Disciplinary Innovative Solutions Provider

Leading Multi-Disciplinary Innovative Solutions Provider


Industrial Products

IDC offers full service and responsibility throughout product life, from preliminary concept to serial production.

  • PGV (Person Guided Vehicle) product line
  • IDCoater - Dip coater for PCB photo-resist coating for Laser Direct
  • Imaging (LDI-TDI) Technology and lithographic applications
  • BOD & EBS
  • Rugged compact power packs
  • Compact hydraulic power packs
  • Customization and adaptation kits possible
  • Mini-power packs
  • Autoloader for PCB Laser Driller (customized optional) - Provides high-speed panel loading and unloading for a laser driller system, permitting complete production automation
  • Flipper for Etch/Clean 200mm Wafer Machine
  • Special design gearbox
  • Dentsim - Dental surgeon training system. A full training solution that combines educational methods with advanced simulation technology